Media Campaigns

Kashf Foundation is the first microfinance institution in Pakistan to produce and air several awareness raising campaigns on social issues through mainstream media. The Foundation chose to innovatively address women’s issues through its television campaigns that focus on important social issues, deconstruct myths, create dialogue and discussion among viewers and most importantly provide a solution oriented approach to dealing with these issues.

Being involved in the economic mainstreaming of low-income women, Kashf’s television productions have laid great emphasis on the positive spillover effects of women’s economic empowerment, while also questioning deeply held views about women and girls in society. Kashf’s television series are based on real life stories and narratives, and were the first of their kind to be aired on television, as they not only provided an opportunity to hold up a mirror to society by highlighting gender inequity, but also provided a message of hope in terms of not delineating women as victims, but as survivors of abuse. Moreover, Kashf’s series have promoted strong female characters that espouse dignity and question the current norms.