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Kashf Media Campaign


Kashf Foundation is the first microfinance institution in Pakistan to produce and air an awareness raising campaign through mainstream media. Kashf Foundation produced and aired a 15 episode TV show called Rehaii and 8 public services messages. The Media Campaign highlighted the issues and constraints faced by women and low-income households

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Key Initiatives

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  • Microcredit to enhance productivity

    Kashf Foundation specializes in providing microcredit facilities to bottom-of-the-pyramid households, targeting women in particular. Micro... More

  • Social Responsibility

    Kashf Foundation goes over and above it’s microfinance program to help Pakistanis that are impacted by disaster... More

  • Capacity Building

    Kashf’s client capacity building and financial literacy program is premised on the fact that women play important social and economic roles, the effectiven... More

  • Equality and Rights

    Gender disparities in Pakistan are the worst in Asia. Ranked 132 out of 134 countries by the World Economic Forum... More

  • Upcoming Products

    Kashf Foundation continuously strives towards optimizing its product line on an ongoing basis to align all products and services with women’s financial prefer... More

  • Alternate Delivery Channels

    Kashf Foundation believes in providing microfinance facilities to low-income by ensuring convenience, efficiency and affordability from the pe... More

Client Quotes – Sarafin from Karachi

I invested the Kashf loan in my small beauty parlor to increase my inventory and stock. This has increased turnover and revenue.


Client Quotes – Saima Naz from Rahimyar Khan

After taking a loan from Kashf, our business is flourishing and I am saving money for my children’s education. God Bless Kashf.


Client Quotes – Zebunnisa from Gujranwala

After my husband's heart attack, I had nothing. With Kashf's support I invested in a grocery store and became the breadearner. Kashf is my family!


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