Company Profile

          1. Date/Number of issued licenses to the Company:
          Section 42 License issued by SECP (License No. 1046, A023860)
          NBFC License issued by SECP (License No. SECP/LRD/24/KF/2022-30)

          2. Status of Company:
          Large Sized Company (Non-listed Company licenced/formed under Section 42 / Section 45 of the Act having annual gross revenue (grants/income/subsidies/donations)
          including other income / revenue of Rs.200 million and above)

          3. Company Registration Number:

          4. Company NTN:

          5. Name of Auditor:
           A.F. FERGUSON & CO-Chartered Accountants [PWC Network]

          6. Name of Legal Advisors:
          Mandviwalla & Zafar Advocates

          7. Membership of Industry Associations:
          Member of Pakistan Microfinance Network and Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy