Chairperson’s Message

Dear Friends and Supporters of Kashf,

Economic and political events in the past year have unfortunately further disadvantaged low-income households and women who have borne the brunt of the economic contraction caused by high inflation especially food inflation and rising costs of fuel and more recently by the devastating floods. During such times, the mandate of an organization such as Kashf Foundation becomes even more important. Cash strapped households need investment into their businesses and also require support with cash-flows. Consequently, Kashf has worked on diversifying its product offerings and is offering many different kinds of loan products. Under the leadership of the competent management, Kashf has managed to add to the economic opportunities available to thousands of women this year.

I am happy to note that despite the extremely difficult economic conditions over this year Kashf has been able to deliver on all financial and operational benchmarks; closing the year 100% target achievement on all KPIs and an Operational Self Sustainability ratio of 134%, a Financial Self Sustainability ratio of 105% and disbursement of 692,463 loans worth PKR 34.45 billion. Kashf has also added 16 new branches to its outreach and been able to foster both financial inclusion and financial deepening to transform lives of low-income women entrepreneurs.

This year marks Kashf Foundation’s 25th year anniversary and I and the Directors would like to congratulate all Kashf staff on this momentous milestone. I wish them success in coming years and encourage them to continue to add to their legacy through expanding to new geographic territories, introducing new products and services that are underwritten by a good credit policy, maintaining and fostering new relationships with funders, and continuing to keep clients at the center of their work.

In the end I would like to thank all our partners, funders, donors, the Board of Directors and the Kashf Management team for their hard work and effort in sustaining the Kashf mission.



Dr. Hafiz A. Pasha
Chairperson Board of Directors, Kashf Foundation