Chairperson’s Message

Dear Friends and Supporters of Kashf,

As we reflect on the past year, I am filled with a sense of admiration and gratitude for the remarkable resilience and unwavering hope that Kashf has witnessed and fostered. In a world faced with unprecedented challenges, Kashf has stood strong, empowering individuals and communities to overcome obstacles and build a brighter future. We have witnessed firsthand the power of resilience, as our clients have demonstrated remarkable strength in the face of adversity. They have shown us that even in the most difficult circumstances, hope can flourish and transform lives.

Kashf Foundation’s commitment to resilience has been evident in our response to the internal and external risks. Despite the immense challenges it posed, we remained steadfast in our mission to support those in need. Kashf has implemented several crucial initiatives to address internal and external risks by prioritizing client needs and aspirations through client-centric channels. These initiatives include the distribution of rations, customized loan rescheduling for clients, training and mentoring on business continuity and digital channels for microbusinesses. These measures aim to mitigate the adverse effects of high inflation, climatic risks and economic instability by providing support to clients during these challenging times.

Moreover, even though this was an extremely challenging year, Kashf was able to deliver on all financial benchmarks; closing the year with an Operational Self Sustainability ratio of 131%, a Financial Self Sustainability ratio of 96.05% and a disbursement of 849,785 loans worth PKR 45.47 billion through our 382 branches, with the support of our dedicated team of 3,866 staff members. As we move forward, we remain committed to resilience and hope. We recognize that challenges will continue to arise, but we are confident in our ability to adapt, innovate, and overcome. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated staff, supporters, and partners, whose unwavering commitment has made our achievements possible. Together, we have built an organization that stands as a symbol of resilience and hope, empowering individuals to overcome adversity and create a better tomorrow.


Dr. Hafiz A. Pasha
Chairperson Kashf Foundation