Chairperson’s Message

Dear Friends and Supporters of Kashf,

It gives me great pleasure to acknowledge that for more than two decades, Kashf has pushed the envelope outwards for women micro-entrepreneurs in Pakistan. It has reached out to millions of poverty stricken families and households, improving their standard of living. This is not an easy task because women in our society face immense challenges in running their businesses, mainly due to the lack of support from their families and the displeasing attitude of the society towards a working woman.

Kashf’s mission is to provide cost effective micro-finance services to women from low income households in order to encourage them build their own businesses, abandon the cycle of poverty and take control of their lives. We have a long way to go and further hope to tap into areas where women need our support. I am extremely grateful to Kashf’s supporters, staff and clients for the role they have played in enabling Kashf to become the voice of impoverished women across the country.

The Vocational Skills Training Centers of Kashf have been providing trainings in various skills to women, such as Domestic Tailoring, Embellishment and Beautician work. Our holistic business model focuses on eradicating economic dependency in females, via the provision of economic support for building sustainable businesses, educating them regarding the basics of running an enterprise, and eliminating vulnerability by allowing them to utilize our micro health insurance plans which cover their entire family. Kashf’s premise is and has always been based, on the importance of capacity building. Our client relationship is not limited only to financial assistance, but on economic independence and gradually improving the role that women play in their families and society as a whole.

We look forward to extend this to as many areas of Pakistan as possible and to ensure to eradicate poverty to its fullest.

Kashf also firmly believes in raising awareness on social evils prevalent in society through its media campaigns and multiple social advocacy interventions. So far, Kashf has pushed the boundaries in exposing the harsh realities of social taboos such as child marriages, child sexual abuse, HIV, mental health, depression, women’s economic disempowerment, acid attacks and more but ending each campaign on a positive, hopeful note. Kashf will continue to launch similar media campaigns in the future and commit to providing a voice to marginalized communities until heinous social crimes are a matter of the past.

I would like to acknowledge all the supporters, donors and friends of Kashf without whose support Kashf’s outcomes and performance would not have been possible. It was only with their encouragement and support that Kashf establishes a benchmark for its contemporaries. It will continue to fulfill its vision and enable women to become active agents of social and economic change.


Dr. Attiya Inayatullah
Chairperson Board of Directors, Kashf Foundation