Social Advocacy Programs

Kashf’s social advocacy interventions aim to create awareness about social issues and gender discrimination at the community level.  To advocate and effectively drive this social change and allow audiences to change perceptions, attitudes and current practices, Kashf Foundation innovatively addresses women’s issues using multiple interventions. The programs target both males and females because Kashf’s experience in this sphere has shown that to truly empower women and girls, it is important to ensure that men, family members and society at large are part of the change.

From street theatre performances to radio programs, television series, newspaper articles and features, public service messages, social media platforms and more, Kashf has created awareness on various social evils ranging from child marriages, violence against women, gender discrimination, women empowerment, family planning, girls education, depression, forced prostitution and more. Kashf’s social advocacy programs entail gender trainings, social theatre performances and media campaigns.

Cumulative Outcomes
  • 184, 164 trainings imparted to clients
  • Over 1,500 performances held
  • 3 on TV , 1 on Radio
  • Gender
  • Social
  • Media