Gender Trainings

  • Imparted to Males
    & Females Both
  • More than 2,500 Participants sensitized

Kashf’s Gender Training are imparted to women clients along with adult males especially their husbands and adolescent boys from the community to raise awareness regarding gender norms, women’s rights and gender equality. Kashf also considers it integral to involve youth of the households into its training programs in order to change their mindsets at an age when their views and beliefs can be positively influenced. The Gender Trainings program is a key intervention to improve the understanding and importance of women’s rights within households and communities.

The Gender Trainings are undertaken by specialized trainers and participants have reported enhanced sensitization of gender roles and a better understanding of gender discrimination. Moreover, participants have also made promises in these trainings to become more equitable in the treatment of women in their households.

Third party evaluation showcased the following results

  • 28% female trainees felt that the training enhanced their knowledge on women’s rights and responsibilities to a large extent, and a similar proportion stated that it boosted their confidence level at home as well.
  • 62% noted that the content was also relevant to local and cultural norms to some extent (and 30% to a large extent).
  • There was a 20% increase in the proportion of female trainees who felt that they had their family’s support in running their business increased after the Gender Training relative to before it.
  • 60% of the women trainees stated that they felt an increase in their decision making authority at their households.
  • Half the women cited improvement in relationship with their spouse and 39% reported that domestic issues had decreased.
  • 85% of men felt that their opinion changed in regard to girls’ education after the training.
  • Opinion regarding girls’ marriage age also changed overall for 86% of trainees; while 80% felt that their perception on women’s mobility also changed after the training.
  • 77% of the participants overall felt that women should be allowed to work outside of their homes.

These results mark the success of Kashf’s Gender Training Programs.

Client Testimonial

“I was always taught that women should not be allowed to work outside the house and that their primary responsibility is of taking care of the house but when I fell seriously ill, my wife took care of the household expenses by starting a small business. During that time, I also attended one of these [gender] training sessions and realized how wrong I was. Seeing my wife’s strength makes me proud of her every day.” Shahid Riaz, Sialkot