Kashf School Sarmaya

  • Over 2,253 low cost private schools served
  • Over 600,000 students impacted
  • Over 12,458 teachers trained in better teaching practices
  • 788,550 students impacted through intervention
  • Over 176,162 students impacted through financial education trainings

The Kashf School Sarmaya is a holistic credit facility that provides financial access to low cost private schools as well as capacity building trainings to teachers and school management personnel on new teaching methodologies, new learning styles, effective school management and trainings on child sexual abuse. This product with its multi-pronged approach ensures that low cost private schools have access to credit that result in an overall improvement in the quality of education in these schools. Students also directly benefit from this initiative, as financial education trainings for youth are delivered to all grades, beginning from pre-nursery and going all the way up to grade eight. This curriculum, especially designed by Kashf’s in-house education team, covers an array of topics, from lessons as basic as counting money, to sessions which teach students how to manage their costs, create budgets and save efficiently.

Child Protection and Safeguarding

Interactive sessions are undertaken with teachers and school owners that are part of the Kashf School Sarmaya program to create awareness on Child Sexual Abuse, how to tackle and identify problems associated with it, train teachers on the concept of strangers, physical and emotional abuse, negligence on part of the family members and provide an implementation plan for a safe school environment and aims to develop an understanding relationship between the student and teacher.

Features and Specifications
Term 12-18 months
Instalments 12-18 (Monthly Installments)
Amount Minimum loan amount for 1st Loan Cycle- PKR 60,000 in case of loan tenured at 12 months
PKR 75,000 in case of loan tenured at 18 months
Maximum loan amount for 1st loan cycle: PKR 200,000
Maximum Loan Amount for 2nd loan cycle: PKR 300,000
Documentation Charges PKR 500
Insurance Charges 2% on PKR 20,000, 1% on the remaining amount
Training Fees Rupees 1,000 (This fee will be paid along with the first installment)
Insurance (Not Applicable)
School Profit  Rupees 8,000-70,000
Age Limit (Client and Nominee): between 18 to 63 years and 5 months (for 18 month loan tenure)
(Client and Nominee): between 18 and 63 years and 11 months (for 12 month loan tenure)
Client Testimonial

“With the financial assistance provided by Kashf, I have been able to buy new furniture for all the students in my school. It makes me content to see that every child now has a separate desk and chair and is enjoying the classroom session more with the interactive teaching styles we have adopted after the Kashf trainings,”
claims Principal Sofia Kulsoom of Ali Angles Science School in Chakwal.