Kashf’s second television production, Udaari was a trail blazing success. It had child sexual abuse as its main theme and explored other themes such as economic empowerment of women, legal hurdles and issues faced by low-income households, social taboos around music, and differences between urban and rural life. The television show had two story tracks; one which was more serious and the other which was lighter and more entertaining. Udaari was co-produced by Kashf with MD Productions and aired on Hum TV. It was directed by Ehtisham-ud-Din, penned by Farhat Ishtiaq, and its star cast included Bushra Ansari, Ahsan Khan, Samiya Mumtaz, Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed.

Udaari was touted as the most popular television drama of 2016 and this has resulted in Udaari winning multiple awards in this year for its production, story-line and acting.

Big Wins for Udaari at Awards Season
Lux Style Awards HUM TV Awards IIPA Awards
Best TV Play Best Drama Serial (Jury) Best Actor
Best TV Director Best Drama Serial (Popular) Best Director
Best Original Sound Track Best Actor (Jury) Best Drama
Best Actor Best Director Jodi Award Drama
Best TV Writer Best Supporting Actor
Best Writer
Best on Screen Couple
Most Impactful Character
Best Actor in Negative Role
Honourable Award for Best Child Performance of the year
Impact and Success

Both Rehaii and Udaari were very successful both in terms of articulation of key themes and popularity and viewer appeal. Rehaii and Udaari were able to effectively captivate followers from the beginning as evidenced through the response the shows received in the media, social media, letters and emails to Kashf Foundation, and phone calls received as a result of the shows. Both the television series were not only appreciated for the social messages they contained but the immense entertainment value with the vibrant cast and numerous plot twists. Overall, feedback from audiences lauded the story/script, character development, acting skills and quality of production. Hum TV is one of the most popular Urdu drama channels in Pakistan. Udaari was a complete trailblazer with respect to popularity and outperformed all other shows not just for the time-slot but for the year. Udaari has been touted as the best television drama for the year 2016 and has received mass scale appreciation for all aspects, i.e. story, production, acting, theme. With regards to TRP rating, Udaari consistently outperformed all other channels for the time-slot for the 25 weeks that it was aired.