Kashf’s first television production, Rehaii was focused on the issue of child marriage and through its multiple sub-plots and characters highlighted the issues and constraints faced by women from low-income households in Pakistan. The series empowered women to recognize their own worth and find sustainable solutions to empowerment through their associative strength. Rehaii was a top of the line production which aired during prime time on Pakistan’s most popular drama channel Hum TV. The 15 episode drama was directed by award winning director Mehreen Jabbar, the writer for the show was Farhat Ishtiaq and the cast comprised of stellar performers such as Sameena Peerzada, Maria Wasti, Nauman Ejaz, and Danish Taimoor.

Kashf has also adapted Rehaii for radio and it successfully completed airing in the Urdu language on FM 101, Radio Pakistan. Using radio as a medium provides Kashf with access to downstream listeners where Kashf aims to create dialogue and change prevalent mind-sets through edu-tainment. Owing to Rehaii’s social relevance and theme, i.e. early marriage and girls education, Kashf is also planning on having the radio script of Rehaii translated into the Pushto language to touch base with the audience in Pushto speaking areas such as Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, FATA and tribal areas where the problem is quite acute.

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Impact and Success

TRP ratings for Hum TV for the Rehaii timeslot showed a great appeal for the show; getting higher ratings for most weeks compared to closest competitor for the show. The show also had a huge fan following with appreciation and support from all corners of Pakistan and the Pakistani diaspora abroad. The TV show out-performed closest competitor channel in Segment C viewers for 10 weeks according to the TRP ratings.