House Full Batti Gul

Kashf Foundation’s latest production, House Full Batti Gul, made in collaboration with Global Affairs Canada is a delightful emotionally, poignant mini-web series. Across five episodes, it offers a lighthearted yet, thought-provoking perspective on the profound impact of Pakistan’s burgeoning population on our resources and health by interweaving relatable and compelling stories of everyday individuals.

Through the lives of Qurrat, Seema, and Bano, residents of a closely-knit muhalla in Karachi, viewers are immersed in a narrative that elicits empathy and connection. These resilient characters face a gamut of personal struggles, from heart-wrenching infertility challenges to the weight of societal expectations tied to male childbirth, superstitions, and the heart-rending issue of child abandonment. All of this unfolds against the backdrop of an overarching economic and energy crisis, adding another layer of complexity to their stories. Yet, despite the adversities they confront, they unwaveringly hold on to their hopes and dreams.

Beyond the entertainment value, House Full Batti Gul aims to create awareness about escalating population growth, its impact on our mental and physical well-being, and the strain it places on our limited resources. It is hoped House Full Batti Gul will stimulate dialogue among viewers as they will be more encouraged and comfortable to have open discussions with their family members regarding this issue of family planning, including interventions and effective practices they can adopt to have happy, healthy families while breaking the taboo around this issue.

The web series can be accessed at Kashf Foundation’s Youtube channel. Until now, the campaign has reached over 14 million unique users across Pakistan and generated 36 million impressions globally through TikTok. Furthermore, the web series has received over 200,000 views on Youtube.