Maternal & Reproductive Health

  • 47,584 Trainees Sensitized
  • on Maternal & Reproductive Health

The training was offered to women micro-entrepreneurs, their mothers-in-law, and male members to improve their understanding of issues associated with sexual and reproductive health. The content also highlighted the positive benefits of birth spacing on women’s health and reducing the burden of unpaid care on them.

A majority of the program participants were women micro-entrepreneurs and around 10% of the participants were Mothers-in-law. Five Thousand male members of their families or communities were also part of this training.

The male beneficiaries were husbands, brothers, fathers-in-law, sons of the women beneficiaries, or a part of the community of women beneficiaries.

  • 99% knew Family Planning Methods
  • 97% understood Birth Spacing
  • 92% knew precautions for reduction of maternal mortality
  • 91% knew precautions for reduction of infant mortality
  • 96% knew the importance of vaccination for children
  • 95% knew importance of antenatal checkups
  • 99% knew the importance of a balanced diet in pregnancy
  • 97% knew the importance of certified professionals to deliver babies