Kashf Mahweshi Karza

  • Loans Disbursed
  • Amounting to
    PKR 123.4 Million

Introduced in 2017, Kashf piloted the Kashf Mahweshi Karza to specifically help female livestock managers involved in dairy and meat production who are facing credit constraints. Through this initiative, Kashf is building a strong value chain which involves credit, livestock insurance, and animal husbandry trainings. Innovative and tailored to the needs and capacities of smallholder rural women, the Foundation has setup a branch in the village of Adda Khui Wala near Harrapa to pilot Kashf Maweshi Karza. Kashf plans to take this product to 9 other locations by June 2019.

Kashf’s holistic approach through this loan product focuses both on improving the productivity of the animal, mitigating risks and improving returns to the female livestock producers.

Features and Specifications
Purpose Dairy Meat
Amount Option 1: PKR 30,000 -100,000
Option 2: PKR 100,001 – 150,000
PKR 30,000 -100,000
Use Livestock animal purchase Livestock animal purchase
Term Option 1: 12 months

Option 2 : 18 months

Option 1: 6 months

Option 2: 12 months

Option 3: 12 months with two bullet payments

Repayment Equal Monthly Installments of capital and interest payments Bi-Annual and Annual
Insurance Life Insurance
No Health Insurance
Livestock insurance
Life Insurance
No Health Insurance
Livestock insurance
Training Animal husbandry; Financial Literacy Animal husbandry; Financial Literacy
Client Testimonial

“I have taken a loan from Kashf to buy an animal for milking – before this I only had one grown buffalo and had periods when it was not milking and my household income was not enough in these months to sustain my household expenses. Now I always have an animal in milking, and in the months where both animals are milking I have more surplus milk to sell to the milk collector” Irshad Bibi, Sahiwal