Financial Education Training

  • 1.5 Million
    Women Trained
  • On Improved
    Financial Practices

Kashf delivers module-based workshops with certification in four subject areas: Savings, Budgeting, Debt Management and Financial Transactions. The trainings are conducted within the community with groups of 10-15 clients. These equip low-income women with the requisite skills for better financial management and help them run businesses with more confidence.

To date Kashf has trained 1.5 million women on improved financial practices under its financial literacy program.

Third party evaluation of the program revealed the following

  • Training on financial management topics covered as part of the training sessions enabled women to maintain budgets for their household. After the training, around 77% of SFE trainees reported that they now maintained the household budget.
  • 33% increase in average household income reported by women entrepreneurs after attending financial education training.
  • The main reasons reported for this increase included the expansion of enterprises (42% of businesses), improved financial management (17% of businesses) and improved quality of products and services (9% of businesses).
  • 78% of trainees developed the capacity to separate their household and business expenditures which allowed them to keep a better lookout for the profitability and the performance of their ventures.
  • Though the trainees had been saving in the past, better savings mechanisms learnt through the training enabled around 63% of them to increase the amount they saved every month.
Client Testimonial

“I’m amazed at how basic concepts of savings and budgeting can boost business incomes tremendously. The power to be the change is in the hands of a financially independent woman and she herself is the driver to positively impact her family,”
Shabana Ashfaq, Karachi.