Business Development Training

  • Graduated 26,710
    Trainees Till Date

Kashf’s Business Development Training program has been categorically focusing on developing business identities for women entrepreneurs, designing marketing tools and techniques along with building their business networks for a well-equipped business value chain. The program also rigorously focuses on improving the negotiation and communication skills of the women so that they are in a better position to engage with vendors.

Clients who attended these trainings revealed the following through a third party evaluation report

  • 43% of women expanded their enterprises after graduating from the BIL program
  • 13% women entrepreneurs reported offering new and innovative products and services in their businesses after gaining knowledge through the BIL sessions.
  • 12% of the graduates also mentioned an improvement in the quality of their products/services.
  • Around 50% increase in average monthly sales was observed for 66% of businesses.
  • An overall increase in gross profits of around 30% was also observed after the training.
  • Savings increased by nearly 60%.
Client Testimonial

“Kashf Foundation has been the pillar of support during my trying times. It has provided me assistance during those times when even my family members had left me. Today as result of the business training I am able to display my creations in exhibitions and supply my suits to multiple vendors who were introduced to me by the Kashf trainer,” says Farzana, Haripur