Kashf Foundation
Financial Services for All in a Poverty Free and Gender Equitable Society

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Kashf Foundation specializes in providing microcredit facilities to bottom-of-the-pyramid households, targeting women in particular. The following credit products are offered by Kashf Foundation:

a. Loans for New and Existing Businesses – Kashf provides collateral free appraisal backed loans delivered in close proximity to the community aimed at enhancing women’s economic role within the family and the community.

b. Shariah Compliant Murabaha Loans – Kashf provides regionally contextualized loans in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa which provide access to finance to women to enable them to set-up/expand small businesses.

c. Loans for Low-Cost Private Schools – Kashf provides a comprehensive program of access to finance and capacity building trainings for low-cost private schools (these include teacher trainings, and training for school owners).

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