Kashf Foundation Was Selected As One of Three Finalists for the European Microfinance Award, 2022

Kashf Foundation’s recognition as a finalist for the European Microfinance Award 2022 highlights its impactful empowerment of marginalized women and dedication to gender equality. By overcoming historical gender inequalities and societal norms, Kashf has facilitated streamlining of financial access for numerous women, resulting in increased income and business growth.

In addition to financial progress, clients have reported improved quality of life, encompassing enhanced health and heightened decision-making authority within households. Initiatives like capacity-building training on financial education and business improvement methodologies have significantly elevated incomes and fostered business expansion.

Kashf’s gender training and social theater initiatives have created awareness about restrictive cultural norms, enabling a deeper comprehension of challenges faced by women.

Within the organization, Kashf Foundation champions a diverse, inclusive work environment, ensuring equal opportunities for all. This fosters a secure and enabling atmosphere that motivates and engages staff to perform effectively.

Kashf Foundation remains steadfast in safeguarding its employees, especially women, against misconduct, adhering to labor laws for fair treatment. Its gender-wise employee distribution underscores its commitment: balanced gender ratio across tiers and a robust female representation at the board level, reflecting its dedication to nurturing women’s leadership and empowerment within its ranks.