Kashf Flood Rehabilitation Program

At the end of 2022, unprecedented floods ravaged Pakistan leaving 1/3 of Pakistan underwater. Thirty million people were displaced and 600,000 people were pushed into relief camps. Many of the hardest-hit areas in the country were also amongst the most vulnerable districts in Sindh, KPK, and South Punjab. Unfortunately, women and children were amongst the most vulnerable groups and required our maximum assistance. Children faced with high malnutrition, poor access to water and sanitation, and low school enrollment and women were exposed to squalid living conditions without any privacy and sanitation services. For women, especially, due to the socio-cultural norms, health, education, and economic inequalities were widened further. 800 communities and 25,000 Kashf clients were directly affected by the devastating effects of the flood and faced severe food shortages, the absence of necessities, and extensive damage to houses. Additionally, operations of more than 70% of Kashf branches were either fully or partially compromised, putting an additional challenge for the organization to undertake its field activities and reach out to those who are most impacted.

The organization undertook a phase-wise rehabilitation approach to support the flood victims in the country. During the first phase, Kashf Foundation provided immediate relief by providing ration packs with necessities such as dry food, medicines, and clothes. In the second phase, Kashf helped in the reconstruction and renovation of houses, and, in the last phase, as a part of the post-crisis economic recovery strategy, Kashf rescheduled loan repayments and gave Business Continuity Training to help women entrepreneurs restore their businesses.

To cope with the scale of the disaster, Kashf Foundation set up a dedicated ‘Flood Relief Fund’ to collect donations to continue its efforts in providing relief and long-term recovery assistance.


For donations, the link https://kashf.org/how-to-donate/ has all the relevant information

For updates, Kashf Foundation’s social media handles can be visited