Global Affairs Canada and Kashf Foundation are Promoting Gender-Inclusive and Equitable Growth in Pakistan

Kashf Foundation, in collaboration with Global Affairs Canada, embarked on a transformative 5-year project titled “Promoting Gender Inclusive and Equitable Growth – Women’s Economic Empowerment & Recovery” in 2020. This initiative aims to foster the economic potential of women micro-entrepreneurs in Pakistan by addressing the multifaceted challenges they face within their households and communities.


The project’s first set of interventions focuses on building the business and financial acumen of women micro-entrepreneurs. Through comprehensive financial management training, business accelerator programs, and vocational training, participants are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in their entrepreneurial endeavors.


The second set of interventions are designed to challenge social, cultural, and institutional inequalities that impact women’s progress and status in society. Efforts include improving maternal health practices and raising awareness of reproductive rights among both men and women. Gender justice trainings are conducted with government representatives and community members, accompanied by the establishment of community-level gender councils, to foster gender responsiveness and equality.


Furthermore, one component of the project employs creative storytelling and public service campaigns as powerful tools for social advocacy and raising awareness of pressing social issues. These campaigns are engaging a wide audience and are inspiring positive change. Lastly, recognizing the importance of gender diversity and the lack of female participation in the labor force, through this project trainings in private sector organizations are being conducted to promote inclusive practices and empower women.


Through its comprehensive approach, the project seeks to create an enabling environment for women micro-entrepreneurs, dismantle gender barriers, and foster sustainable and inclusive economic development in Pakistan.