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Social Responsibility

Kashf Foundation goes over and above it's microfinance program to help Pakistanis that are impacted by disaster - whether natural or man-made.

Relief Provided to Joseph Colony Arson Victims

In March 2013, there was an incident of arson against a marginalized community in Badami Bagh, Lahore. The houses and all the belongings of an entire community were torched. Out of the 150 houses that were destroyed, 44 belonged to Kashf Foundation clients. In light of these events, Kashf Foundation’s branch team and head office personnel not only visited all the affected clients to assure them of Kashf’s continued support but after consultation with affected clients a three month grace period was introduced for all loans in order to allow affected households re-establish their businesses. In addition to this, Kashf Foundation also provided a cash payout to each household to cover one month’s basic expenses.




Disaster Relief - Floods

In August 2010, Pakistan experienced the worst flooding in its history which devastated the lives of over 20 million people. More than one-fifth of the country was inundated by water at the height of the flooding, destroying 40% of the country’s agricultural land. Even after the water had receded, a large number of people were still in need of food and shelter and most had lost their livelihoods. Minority groups, such as women and children were more affected due to their higher vulnerability, while these groups were also marginalized in the relief process. Kashf Foundation employed a two-pronged strategy to address the needs of the flood-affected households, i.e. relief and reconstruction. In the relief phase, Kashf provided food relief to 14,950 families in KPK, Sindh and Punjab. In the reconstruction phase, Kashf Foundation built 512 permanent houses, with attached latrines, for flood affected households in the Muzaffargarh district. In the third and final stage Kashf Foundation started microcredit operations in the area to rehabilitate the affected communities by helping them in rebuild their livelihoods. Since starting operations in Kot Addu, Kashf has disbursed over 600 loans to low income households, especially women.





Disaster Relief – Earthquake

In 2005, Pakistan was plagued by one of the worst earthquakes in its history. The earthquake affected the northern areas of the country with a death toll of 75,000 and massive destruction to peoples houses and livelihoods. In the country’s time of need, Kashf Foundation put together a fund for earthquake relief and undertook the following; sent relief goods including blankets, tents, food and water to the Muzaffarabad areas for over 100 families, sent tents and shelter packages to over 100 families in Manshera, sent medicines and medical supplies to PIMs Islamabad, sent medicines, 3000 tetanus vaccines and 200 typhoid vaccines, crutches and wheel chairs to Ayub Medical College in Islamabad, sent medicines and medical supplies for over 200 patients to medical camps in Muzaffarabad, and provided basic kitchen utensils for 100 families in H11 camp in Islamabad.

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