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Financial Services for All in a Poverty Free and Gender Equitable Society

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Pilots and Research

Kashf constantly strives to create pro-poor and women centric products and services to meet the evolving needs of low-income households.

a. Savings are an important contributor to reducing vulnerability of low-income households, especially women. Being a non-banking financial institution, Kashf Foundation has been experimenting with various innovations to help build savings for Kashf clients. Kashf is working with UBL Omni and using their platform to mobilize savings in 20 branches. Based on the results of this pilot, Kashf will be rolling out this product to other areas.

b. Rural Microfinance is an important product offering since a majority of the population in Pakistan still lives in rural areas. Kashf is in the process of developing products and services for rural women to offer microfinance solutions for dairy, meat, and agriculture. Based on the research findings, Kashf will pilot this product with the first 100 loans. Based on the findings of this pilot, Kashf will roll-out the product.

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