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Financial Services for All in a Poverty Free and Gender Equitable Society

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Capacity Building

Kashf’s client capacity building and financial literacy program builds the capacity of low-income women and men to use the loans accessed from Kashf in a more productive manner.

a. Basic Financial Literacy Trainings – Kashf provides education to clients and non-clients on the basics of borrowing, debt management, savings and client rights prior to loan disbursement to enable women to make better financial management choices.

b. Systemized Financial Education - Kashf delivers module-based workshops with certification in four subject areas: Savings, Budgeting, Debt Management and Financial Transactions. The trainings are conducted within the community with groups of 10-15 clients. These equip low-income women with the requisite skills for better financial management and help them run businesses with more confidence.

c. Business Incubation Labs – Kashf helps low-income women entrepreneurs expand the size and scope of their businesses through business development trainings and trainings on marketing and product design in the Business Incubation Labs. Moreover, participants are taken on market visits to help build linkages and enable women to undertake better networking with vendors and suppliers.

d. Vocational Skills Trainings – Kashf builds the skills of low-income women by providing them vocational skills trainings to build marketable and employable skills.

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