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Departmental Synopsis


Operations is Kashf’s main business department, which comprises of a strategically located, lean team at the head office which supports decentralized field teams. The operations field team is divided into 5 distinct geographical regions which are headed by a Regional Manager. The regions are further sub-divided into areas and branches.

Gender Empowerment and Social Advocacy

The GESA department is Kashf’s arm for the delivery of microfinance plus services and advocacy work. Through the head office department and field teams, GESA manages the development, delivery and monitoring of the following; Financial Education, Gender Justice Trainings, Business Incubation Services, and Social Theatre, along with ensuring the mainstreaming of these programs into Kashf’s overall work.


The research team is responsible for business intelligence, market research and product development. The department undertakes various kinds of research including product research and development, product optimization, exit surveys, client satisfaction surveys and market research. The focus of the research team is to ensure that products and services meet the needs of Kashf’s clients.


The Accounts department oversees the preparation of management accounts, budgeting and expense monitoring, client insurance & claims, data reconciliation, and manage the external audit for the company. The Accounts department provides oversight over all transactions to ensure that set benchmarks are maintained.


The finance department at Kashf Foundation undertakes the following; debt management, liquidity management, oversight of cash management systems, grant raising and reporting, and treasury management. Separate teams oversee each of the tasks to ensure cash flow requirements of the organizations are met in a timely and effective manner.

Human Resources

The Human Resources department at Kashf Foundation comprises of 5 distinct functions; these include recruitment, discipline, compensation & benefits, employee engagement and learning & development. Each of the functions has its specific teams that work in cohesion and unison to ensure that the Kashf personnel are hired, trained, compensated, listened to, retained and engaged in the most meaningful manner.


The legal department oversees compliance of Kashf Foundation with the laws and regulations for MFIs. Additionally, it also ensures that the organization adheres to good practices and implements the code of corporate governance. Moreover, it also deals with the day to day legal issues faced by the organization.


The Administration department provides support to all functions to ensure business continuity and also ensures that all branches have adequate resources for operations. Moreover, the department undertakes all the procurement for the organization and provides business related trouble shooting support to all the branches and head office.

Information Technology

The IT department comprises of a team of professionals that manage the in-house developed core business application – ‘Miracle Worker’. Moreover, the team also provides software development services to other functions of Kashf Foundation to increase efficiency. The department ensures the provision of online services with 100% uptime through a state of the art data center and a separately managed DR site. Moreover, the department also provides helpdesk as well as IT business support services to all branches in the Kashf network and the head office.

Alternate Delivery Channels

The alternate delivery channels team looks at new ways of approaching microfinance which scope beyond typical brick and mortar/physical branch approaches. The department researches feasible channels, enhances the scope of delivery channels, undertakes pilots and monitors progress of scale ups.

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